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Want to earn your commercial pilot’s license?

Official Flight training Requirements for Commercial Pilot License (FAA)

Flight requirements for obtaining your commercial pilot helicopter license are:

150 hours minimum flight time as a pilot that consists of, at least:

How much will it cost to get my commercial pilot license?

The cost will depend on the number of hours you already have. Assuming that you already have 40 hours of flight training, earned your private pilotís license, the estimated cost is as follows:

 Instruction Needed / Hours  Hours Required / Number of Items
Dual Instrument Training (R-44)– 5 hours $   2,625  
Solo Flight Training (R-22) – 95 hours $ 28,975  
Flight Instruction (Dual R-22) – 10 hours $   3,050  
Ground Instruction – 45 hours $   2,025  
Medical Certificate $      100  
Books and Supplies $        35  
Written Test $        90  
Examiner Fee $      500  
TOTAL $37,400  

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