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Interested in becoming a pilot?

Official Flight training Requirements for Private Pilot License (FAA)

- You can start training at anytime, but you must be 17 years old to be eligible for a
   pilot’s license
- You must be able to read, write, understand and speak English
- You must visit an FAA flight Surgeon, pass a medical exam and hold an FAA medical certificate
   prior to your first solo
- You must show evidence of U.S. citizenship or receive approval from TSA to begin training.
- You must have a minimum of 40 hours flight time in helicopter including:

20 hours of dual flight instruction, including:

Student Pilot Rates:

   R-22 Dual Instruction     $305/hr
   R-44 Dual Instruction     $525/hr
   Ground Instruction        $  45/hr

How much will it cost to get my private pilot license?

 Instruction Needed / Hours  Cost
Dual flight training (30 hours) $   9,150  
Solo flight (pilot in command – 10 hrs) $   3,050  
Ground instruction (40 Hours) $   1,800  
Books and Supplies $      400  
Medical Certificate $      100  
Written Test $        100  
Examiner Fee $      500  
TOTAL $15,100  

* Please note that the flight time listed is the minimum needed assuming training in the R-22. The average student generally requires between 50-60 hours of flight time before being ready to take their check ride.

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