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Have a fixed-wing license?

Sky River™ Helicopters can provide you with the training required to get a private helicopter license as an add-on to your existing fixed-wing pilot license. The cost will depend on your previous experience and flight hours logged. The requirements for this include:

  • Completing ground school for the Robinson helicopter
  • Log sufficient flight training
  • Pass an FAA oral and flight test

Official Flight Training Requirements for a Helicopter Private Pilot Add-On License (FAA)

According to the 2004 FAR, requirements for obtaining your private pilot helicopter license are as follows:

  • 30 hours minimum helicopter flight time, including
  • 20 hours dual flight instruction, including
  • 3 hours in preparation for the flight test
  • 3 hours of night flight, including 50 NM x-country and 10 takeoffs and landings
  • 10 hours solo flight time, including
  • 3 hours of cross-country flight, including 75 NM x-country

 Instruction Needed / Hours Number of Items
Dual Training (R-22)– 20 hours$6,100
Solo Flight Training (R-22) – 10 hours$3,050
Ground Instruction – 20 hours$900
Books and Supplies$100
Examiner Fee$500
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