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Helicopter Instrument Training

Want to earn your Instrument Rating?

Adding an Instrument Rating is an invaluable addition to your Private Pilot Certificate regardless as to whether you intend to progress through to becoming a Professional Pilot. The Instrument Rating dramatically improves your flying ability and aeronautical judgment. You will be taught how to fly in fog, clouds and with limited visibility. You will also develop the knowledge, skills and judgment required to safely and confidently evaluate adverse weather conditions together with learning to maneuver the helicopter by sole reference to its instrumentation.

Official Instrument Training Requirements (FAA)

How much will it cost to get my Instrument Rating?

The cost can vary depending on the number of hours you require to achieve competency. Training is done in our Robinson R-44. An estimate of the cost assuming the required FAA hours is as follows:

 Number of Hours / Items   Cost
Dual Instrument Training - 40 Hours (R-44) $   21,000  
Ground School - 30 Hours $     1,350  
Books & Supplies $        260  
Written Test $          90  
Examiners Fee $        500  
TOTAL $  23,200  

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